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FUSION blends the highly addictive and fun gameplay of midway style dark rides with an immersive theming and super plot twist towards the end. This classic dark ride ride hit is being revisited using the latest technologies in interactivity, gameplay and AV. The distinctive back-to-back seating arrangement provides the players with a unique game experience using fixed interactive devices. Besides being particularly engaging, FUSION also boasts an incredible throughput of over 900 persons per hour. To our most acclaimed interactive setup, we add fully themed and multisensory environments featuring media, light & sound, projection and AI technologies.


The ride surface has been optimized to remain under 1,000m2, accommodating a series of captivating scenes which add to the immersive experience. High-quality theming and flexible media upgrades guarantee a sustain- able attraction that will last for decades. Our creative team develops a storyline with fun IP and characters that best fit the park and visitor profile. This can be applied across a master plan to span an entire themed area to include dark ride and pre- show, F&B, experience shop with merchandising and playgrounds. This will allow you to open this weatherproof area all-year round, with seasonable theming and for special occasions like birthdays or corporate events.


FUSION proves to be the ideal solution for a high-quality midway attraction with a multi-faceted approach so players of all ages and skill levels can enjoy a fun and action-based experience. By combining an effective 2 rows back-to-back vehicle set-up with a multilayered gameplay we obtain the best recipe for an unforgettable journey!

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