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Together with a global network of expert partners, BoldMove Nation creates happy worlds for theme and waterparks, zoos, leisure and retail venues. Its interactive media dark rides and virtual and augmented reality attractions are based on proven technologies and engaging gameplay, with compelling stories for exhilarating experiences. With the customer interest at heart, the team offers turnkey experience design services from master planning to implementation, with a broad choice of fun IPs and theming. Established early 2021 by a seasoned management, the company headquarters are based in the heart of Europe, Brussels (Belgium).



Benoit Cornet is CEO at BoldMove Nation.

Benoit 'Ben' Cornet is CEO & Captain of Creative Minds and solo ocean sailor. Benoit steers the team to realize BoldMove’s mission. During the past twenty years he's been driving industry innovations as Founder and CEO of Alterface, establishing the first interactive and rotating theatres, as well as the first non-linear erratic dark ride. Recognized by several Thea and other international awards, Benoit remains an active TEA Board Member.



Anja D'Hondt is Managing Partner at BoldMove Nation.

Anja D'Hondt is Managing Partner & Queen of Happy Hearts and avid Mini Convertible cruiser. Anja drives the BoldMove Nation partner alliance into a powerful community, she previously founded and run an international B2B tech PR agency for sixteen years and brings a smart and creative approach to PR and marketing in the entertainment industry. Engagement and communication are BoldMove's strategic pillars.



Fabrice Guichard is Chief of Digital Worlds at BoldMove Nation.

Fabrice Guichard is Chief of Digital Worlds and CEO of Polymorph, a creative digital studio based in Bretagne. With his team he devises graphic and interactive productions in CGI and virtual reality, from storyboard up to rendering and 3D-movies. As part of the expert team he develops engaging media content and gameplay for inspiring location-based applications.

Sven Popelier is Product Manager at BoldMove Nation.

Sven Popelier is Product Manager and Conductor of Fun & Thrills and theme park lover. Sven successfully led several large projects for a major bank in Belgium that reshaped their sales process for the future. With a strong passion for theme parks, he has been working as a freelance journalist for several fan and coaster sites. Sven will apply this expertise to develop the most suitable solutions for each customer, delivering quality services with a smile.

Ley De Pooter is Marketing Coordinator at BoldMove Nation.

Ley De Pooter is Marketing Coordinator & Social Fairy. Ley obtained her Master's Degree in Business Administration with specialization in Marketing at Ghent University. During her studies she developed a strong interest in B2B marketing and is now eager to practice her creative and digital marketing skills. Join her for an inspiring journey in the happy world of entertainment and attractions.

Jérôme Delescaille is Architect Designer at BoldMove Nation.

Jérôme Delescaille is Architect Designer of Happy Worlds and is passionate about art, football and of course theme parks. He specializes in design and sustainable construction, and created many new buildings in Belgium during the past years. To share his passion, he hosts a podcast exploring the creative side of themed entertainment, with the motto: our only limit is our imagination. He reinforces our team with his creative skills, architectural knowledge, and passion for theme parks to make a lasting impact!

Klaus Sommer Paulsen is Integrated Storytelling Director at BoldMove Nation.

Klaus Sommer Paulsen is Integrated Storytelling Director and Founder & CEO of AdventureLAB. Klaus brings a creative, innovative approach to entertainment and edutainment. He shapes new and fascinating universes through multi-layered, narrative techniques. A successful trainer and authority at renown academic institutions in the Nordic countries and internationally, Klaus published a book on Integrated Storytelling Design.

Morgan Fix is Experience Creator and Art Director at BoldMove Nation.

Morgan Fix is Experience Creator & Art Director and Owner of "Morgan Fix Creative" Studio. Morgan supports the team in creating story-driven and immersive visitor attractions. He designed and directed projects for Europa-Park in Germany, Sea World in Abu Dhabi and multiple other various project in Europe. Morgan applies his theme park expertise and passion for integration to craft fun and memorable experiences.


Romee Popelier is BoldMove's Representative based in the Netherlands and Owner of RP Rides. With a degree in mechanical engineering and theme park management, she fulfilled her dream to work in entertainment. Founded in 2014, RP Rides offers design services and consultancy for amusement rides and attractions. Romee passionately creates exciting rides that make the world brighter and happier.

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