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Engaging stories & media

Our team crafts dynamic storyboards that blend digital and themed physical universes around fun characters with attitude. Whether it is our own unique TooMush and Voodoo IP, a custom one or existing IPs, we activate them with captivating 3D-animations and engaging gameplay, using artificial intelligence to balance player levels. All ride scenes, gameplay and media content are pivoting micro stories to reinforce the storyline and visitor (brand) experience. Our creative process extends to encompass full thematic integration, completed with immersive 3D decorations, up to merchandising programmes.


Custom & Existing IPs

You can choose to create a customized IP, or we can work around an existing IP such as a park or brand mascot, comic strip or animation movie characters. Either way, we apply our integrating storytelling techniques and expertise to engage your visitors in the ride and attraction. Existing IPs are available to be applied in themed attractions following agreements with the license owners. Moreover, we work closely together with License Owner Mediatoon who owns the Marsupilami and the Dalton IP.


TooMush IP

BoldMove and partner Polymorph co-created the hilarious TooMush IP and related fun gameplay with media scenes for the Smash & Reload interactive dark ride. Applied and awarded in the French Champi’Folies attraction at Le PAL, it features 3D-themed decoration and media across preshow, ride and post-show. The likable and universal 3D-animated characters add a special touch of humour to the story and scenery. The TooMush IP is also suitable for transmedia applications, themed areas or a themed shop with merchandise.


Mushies are adorable little mushrooms who live peacefully in their forest. They love to play and are very sweet but incredibly silly. Each one has their own personality. The uniqueness of the Mushies, is their ability to duplicate themselves when they are stressed! Our only chance to stop this fast multiplication is to freeze them in blocks of ice with a special cuber device, resulting in points for the player’s high scoring.

Copyright © TooMush 2022 Polymorph/BoldMove Nation

Voodoo Festival IP

Mysterious magic brought voodoo dolls to life. These naughty little creatures escaped their shop and now spread themselves across the city to make hammock. They might look cute but they know how to create chaos! You are the last line of defense to save the Mardi Gras festival from their total takeover. Fling your Good Luck bags while chasing them around the city to break the curse and save the day!


A scarier version of the ride and media can operate during the later hours of the day to fit for a more adult oriented ride experience. The same theming applies but the voodoo dolls become more aggressive and intense… Are you in for a scary ride?

Copyright © Voodoo Festival 2024 BoldMove Nation

TooMush Shop.png
Merchandising & themed shop

Offering merchandise to your guests can be a valuable addition to your business model, providing benefits in terms of branding, revenue, marketing, and guest experience. Your guests will gladly take a souvenir home from the fun attractions they enjoyed with their favorite characters. This will not only boost the image of your IP, but it also makes sure the experience is extended beyond the attraction. In the postshow we can create a design for a themed shop that matches the theme and storyline of the attraction. Our experts help you create or select the most suitable items, advising on operational and marketing side to deploy a successful merchandising programme.

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