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Houba world of fun media attractions

BoldMove selected the cute and colourful Marsupilami family to star in a range of amazing media-based attractions based on the most advanced technologies. This is the result of a close cooperation with Mediatoon Licensing, the French & Belgian Media Participations Group owning several famous cartoon characters.


BoldMove's all-integrated approach applies integrated storytelling techniques and developing media content and 3D animation across virtual, mixed and augmented reality technologies. This is not just reflected in the decor and theming but in each individual attraction and challenging gameplays, drawing visitors into the action. BoldMove offers a turnkey service from design & technical drawings of the attractions up to installation, safety certifications and operator training.

Demonstrating possible configurations, the creative team designed Houba World, Houba City, Houba Academy and Houba Discovery Store+ in scalable and flexible formats. All media attractions and rides can be customized in size, throughput and theming to fit the venue and visitor profiles. These can be complemented with traditional attractions, a redemption zone, catering and retail facilities.


Houba world family entertainment

Houba World is a full-fledged family entertainment center that can be built adjacent to an existing location like a shopping mall, cinema or FEC. But it can also be easily integrated into a destination park, regional park or zoo to entertain visitors on rainy days. The mix of attractions perfectly allows for a hybrid indoor/outdoor approach and adds great flexibility and scalability. Every aspect of the center has been thought through to allow a smooth and extensive operation. Besides attracting more visitors to nearby facilities and raising income from entry tickets, venue and park owners also benefit from an elaborate merchandising offer. Houba World is designed in such a way that it provides the adequate throughput and capacity to match the initial investment and recurrent upgrades.


As anchor attraction Houba World features a BoldMove dark ride with adjusted hand-gesture based gameplay in a suitable temple theming, catching supplies for the Marsu family. Against an impressive decor of a tropical forest with riverside, temples and rock formations, a mix of attractions are situated alongside a themed restaurant and vast retail area. Activities include climbing rocks up to the Marsu nest, catching piranhas in VR rafts, visiting the 4D cinema, VR-escaping and outrunning wild animals, karaoke and AR dancing, an AR Hybrid Quest and many other thrill experiences. All gameplays and attractions are easy to understand for young and old so everyone can enjoy an afternoon with the friendly Marsupilami family in the Palombian Forest.


Houba city urban experience

Houba City is an Urban Experience Center to attract visitors, increasing footfall and retention with fun and activating experiences. A combination of VR, AR and mixed-reality attractions enable families and friends to spend a few exciting hours in a fun, action-based and immersive themed environment. A new and innovative approach is the distributed pop-up format, allowing shopping malls or other venues to spread attractions over different available or empty spaces. The attractions can be experienced individually but also as part of an exciting adventure trail across the premises. After a certain period, attractions can be replaced or easily moved to other locations, similar to a traveling interactive Expo. The BoldMove expert team offers a turnkey service, from planning, technical and experience design up to implementation, always adhering to the highest quality and safety standards.


At Houba City, guests are stimulated to discover together with the Marsu friends their own urban style by improving personal skills like singing, dancing, jumping, climbing and much more. HOUBA ACADEMY supports participants in finding their creative voice as they learn how to design comic strips and animated movies, discover jungle wildlife, take cupcake baking classes, practice street art painting and much more. This can be organized in weekly sessions so guests are more frequently passing by the venue while family members enjoy Houba City’s exciting attractions.

BoldMove_Nation_ Houba_World.png

Houba discovery store+ retailtainment

Developed in cooperation with Celebrating Life, HOUBA DISCOVERY STORE+ blends a mainstream retail offer with an innovative 'Immersive Bubble' fun zone. Designed to fit a 600+m2 area, it includes a large comic strip store featuring the extended range of Marsupilami merchandising, and other strip heroes. The other half of the Houba Discovery Store+ includes a selection of compact and mostly media-based attractions with a creative workshop and reading zone. All activities are designed to resonate on social networks, such as the photo booth zone, but more importantly to attract customers and extend the shopping and fun experience.


This latter part is mainly achieved through the use of a Marsupilami themed metaverse featuring BoldMove's AR Hybrid Quest. The quest is performed on the player's own smartphones and guides them across the mall or leisure venue with several augmented reality enabled assignments. They can earn bonus points, vouchers and other encouragements to lead them towards the various shops and activation stations, but very importantly also gain access to the Immersive Bubble. This interactive experience guarantees superfun activities for kids of all ages and their family members.

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