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We turn ideas into immersive experiences

Visitors come to a park or leisure venue to be immersed with friends and family into a world of fun stories and dreams. Rides, attractions and park areas can bring stories alive when they are themed with rich decoration, media and characters. The BoldMove team brings years of theming expertise and best practices from around the globe. Together we define the story and theming that best fit your venue and audience. From idea and technical planning to production and merchandising – we accompany you all the way to success!


Blue Sky – from idea to experience

Everything starts with an idea… and a story! During a blue sky workshop we explore your vision and analyze venue and audience dynamics. Together we define the best creative approach to make visitor experiences immersive and memorable. By means of moodboards and sketches a narrative concept is developed, which will be the framework and backbone of your future project, including theming, style and intellectual properties (IP).

We bring ideas to live through collaborative visualizations!

Concept Design – storytelling and planning

At the concept design phase, we start with the user experience in mind to develop a detailed storyline with scenes, scripting and step-by-step storyboard. Our architect-designers assess your technical and DWG plans, environmental and construction opportunities (and constraints) to find the right methodology and approach. We look into potential ride systems, logistics and facilities, required capacity and integrate technologies such as interactivity, media and AV. Based on this, we make a first outline of the attraction within the themed area and fitting the environment.

Media and theming are designed simultaneously, aligning them into immersive experiences.

Schematic Design – matching ideas with reality

During this phase we develop concept designs with 2D color elevations, and detailed 3D models with colors and textures of interior and exterior elements, ensuring conceptual ideas match with reality. Aligned with your project's budget, we ensure a maximum return on value and compile a list of all different elements. Also lighting design, audio and video, are fully aligned with media content and ride technologies.


Each object is defined and visually presented within the venue, considering all requirements to deliver a comprehensive and actionable design. Graphic designs are provided, seamlessly synchronized with the media, story, and intellectual property. These designs are not just visual delights; they are potential merchandise that can be instantly used for promotional purposes.

Every color and corner show how your project springs to life, creating an immersive experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Production Design – crafting the details

During the production and detailed design phase we define all details and specifications to prepare for production. Individual object drawings, graphic designs and material specifications with operational plans and construction details converge.


Collaborating closely with your team we coordinate all the different aspects of the installation regarding the theming, audio-visual components, and additional content such as media and interactivity. Leveraging our extensive experience working alongside partner companies, our processes ensure a flawlessly executed project.

Our focus extends to smart logistics, streamlining the preparation of theming elements for seamless and efficient transport to your venue.

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Art direction & project management

A dedicated Art Director supervises the creative process from the start up across all production and up to the final installation. Our seasoned project manager makes sure that all production stages are fully aligned with the park’s technical team and local contractors.

Quality control and safety procurement are key to deliver high-end, quality projects.

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