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Fjord Explorer - Le PAL, France
Theming design & storytelling queue line
When standing in line becomes an experience in itself

Embark on an unforgettable adventure at attraction park Le PAL with our reimagined queue line experience for the new Fjord Explorer water ride. We have transformed the waiting area into an integral part of the journey, immersing guests in a story that unfolds gradually as they explore the queue line further. The story is developed to be explored by the guests rather than imposing something on them. Their personal imagination gets triggered by their actual and visual perceptions, merely helping them discover what is going on and how the story unfolds. The concept allows for a fun experience throughout the entire queue line and is independent of waiting times. When it is less crowded, visitors will experience the different rooms in a consecutive story but if it gets busier, they enjoy more time to explore each room individually as it includes many items and clues.

Our team provided all 3D concept, schematic and detailed design for the entire queue line experience, detailing every corner and all specific props. Additionally, the team orchestrated all AV and developed the media content for the reception area and the control room. Attentive guests can discover ‘little’ Easter Eggs in the media that refer to the Champi’Folies attraction, the family dark ride which opened last year in the park based on BoldMove’s concept and themed design.

The untold story of Fjord Explorer

During this ‘untold story’ that gradually unfolds, visitors explore the Captain’s workplace up to the boarding platform. There are no screens with texts or explanations, which is rather refreshing and overcomes language barriers for international visitors. The Captain is not present but visitors can see traces of him and his work during the entire queue line – which this way becomes an experience in itself.

In a small coastal village near the Nordic Fjords lives a retired oceanographer ‘The Captain’ who continues to seek adventure. He acquired the exploration business from his family who organized trips in the Fjords for decades. His passion for boats is only matched by his fascination for the ocean and his taste for adventure. Ever since he was a child, he lived by the sea and dedicated his life to studying the mysteries of the Fjords. He now enjoys showing others the wonders of the steep cliffs and sharing his knowledge. His base of operations is located in the town’s harbor where you can visit his workplace. He made several exploration boats, with his newest boat being the safest one so far (so he claims!). Now it’s your turn to join this adventure as the Captain invites you to take part in his latest expedition! It's up to you to imagine the entire story as you wander through the interestingly decorated rooms...

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