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Champi’Folies - Le PAL, France
Smash & Reload interactive media dark ride
Perfect ride recipe for families and fans

With more than 1000 animals and 31 attractions, Le PAL is already recognized as the leading theme park and zoo in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region of France. The addition of Champi'Folies further cements its reputation as a must-visit destination for families. This new exciting attraction combines an immersive storyline with thrilling action and impressive theming. Guests are taken on an unforgettable journey through a world filled with the hilarious TooMush characters. This new kind of 'species' provide a seamless transition between attractions and animals, re-energizing this area of the park.

Our aim was to create a delightful and inclusive live game experience suitable for all ages. Players can enjoy the ride together, whether they're competitive or simply looking for fun. The theming and decorations throughout the ride offer an immersive experience, with surprises and hidden references to other parks. With a small footprint, the ride feels very spacious and provides an ideal playing duration. Reload stations and dynamic media scenes add variety and excitement. In summary, this ride guarantees excellent value for money and a high throughput.

"We chose this ride as we wanted to offer a new kind of attraction to our visitors. Champi’Folies is a true family experience that can be played between young children, parents and even grand parents. This type of ride can usually only be found in the big parks so we are pleased to offer this in a medium park to complement our offer.”​

—Arnaud Bennet, CEO of Le PAL


BoldMove's CEO Benoit Cornet has been the driving force behind Smash & Reload, making sure his creative concept shapes up just the way it is intended: "We're thrilled with the result of a close cooperation between our team and expert partners. Together we succeeded in converting an old 4D cinema into a new and dynamic attraction that blends physical and digital worlds. The TooMush characters are brought alive on screen, and by adding Artificial Intelligence we further personalise guest experiences. The rich and smart theming with 3D decoration includes a real car and lots of fun elements that enhance the immersive feeling of the ride.”

International press celebrates opening

To celebrate the opening of the ride, and even more importantly, to get the feedback from seasoned industry fans, we invited a group of 50 international journalists and bloggers to Le PALThe event included a CEO panel debate between park owner Arnaud Bennet, Ernest Yale of Triotech and BoldMove's Benoit Cornet - accompanied by Fabrice Guichard of Polymorph. The park was open to the public the first day so our guests could get the feedback and reactions from park visitors. The next day everyone could explore the ride in the light and walk behind the scenes and across the tracks. Lots of press reviews got published on many international park channels. Want to get a peek behind the scenes? Read our 4-part Peek-A-Boo Blog Series in our newsroom.

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