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Custom rides
What is a dark ride?

A dark ride is an indoor type of attraction with thoroughly theatrical experience around a specific narrative. Guests aboard guided vehicles to travel through a themed environment with multiple scenes containing techniques like sound, light, animation and special effects. The dark ride can be non-interactive with physical environments and media scenes to enhance the experience, and animatronics (animated puppets) that display certain characters. An interactive dark ride can include physical and virtual targets, allowing guests to influence the course of the story. In most cases, the attraction will center around a specific IP (intellectual property) and story where instead of pages in a book, you see, hear and feel the different chapters through a live experience.

Dark ride advantages:

  • Completes theme park's classic line-up of attractions

  • Safe and operator friendly

  • Weatherproof

  • Accessible to all ages due to limited physical thrill effects

  • Ideally placed to convey a story in an entertaining and immersive manner

We develop a range of media dark rides that can fit any venue and theming, offering a very high capacity with lots of fun and action, at low installation and operating costs. Custom dark rides can be built with dedicated theming, storyline and media content.

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What is a walkthrough?

A walkthrough is a themed attraction where visitors move through linear corridors or across a maze structure. Depending on the type, it can include audio, video, light and special effects and be centered around a theme or IP. Along the way, guests encounter different elements designed to engage their senses and transport them into a different world. These can be installed in theme parks but also museums, zoos and tourist destinations.

Walkthrough advantages:

  • Suitable for guests of all ages

  • Weatherproof

  • Immersive theming possibilities to enhance the guest experience

  • Exciting stories can be matched with the attraction to create a memorable experience


We offer a choice of walkthrough formats with specific theming that can be scaled to any venue and environment. Custom walkthrough attractions can be developed to fit the park audience and environment.

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