Happy Projects


We create unique and happier worlds by combining our expert design and production services with the most suitable technologies, animated media content, fun ride and attractions, and engaging IP & theming! 

Guardians of the Ocean - media-based immersive dark ride

This immersive media-based dark ride demonstrates the human impact on our oceans and raises awareness for the environmental issues. Guests are boarding in a yellow trackless submarine to observe and absorb the different scenes reflecting the current status of our Oceans with projections of a hopeful future. Besides the pre-and post-show, four scenes take the fierce Guardians to the depths of the Oceans, including an Abyss descent and coral reef, with one surprising interactive scene in the middle. By using different projection techniques, lighting & audio, and special materials an impressive and immersive environment is created at an affordable budget. The BoldMove team applies its expertise and methodology in ride design and production with its expert partners.

Houba World - indoor family entertainment center

BoldMove selected the Marsupilami family to develop an amazing concept for an immersive indoor themed entertainment center with a range of thrilling and media-based attractions, featuring VR and AR technologies. Based on a detailed master plan spanning 3,000 square meters, the park features an interactive dark ride with adjusted gameplay and suitable temple theming. In a fitting and impressive decor of a tropical forest with riverside, temples and rock formations, 15 attractions are situated alongside a themed restaurant and a vast retail area with merchandising items. Houba World can be built adjacent to an existing location like a shopping mall, cinema or FEC, or complement a tourist destination. It can be easily integrated into a destination or regional theme park, a zoo or holiday resort to attract, entertain and retain visitors.

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