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"The small dark ride that surpasses expectations."
Smash & Reload universe

Discover the excitement of Smash & Reload, where physical and digital worlds are blended into an immersive experience! This compact and interactive media dark ride combines a compelling gameplay and fun story with smart ride system. It is based on a two-step intuitive action approach: to ‘smash’ and ‘reload’.

The high-capacity Smash & Reload ride can be designed to repurpose an existing building or to establish a new attraction at a premium location with super high throughput. Equipped with a high-level sound system and exciting projection technologies, players enjoy a thrilling interactive adventure. From their rotatable vehicle they load the pointing device and then turn to play the game, an action repeated across four scenes during a 4-minute ride experience. The intuitive gameplay with amusing storyline makes Smash & Reload the perfect choice for an indoor family ride, balancing the skills of all players. The high scoring ensures repeat visits, whilst the media can be easily upgraded with custom messages and for seasonal activities.

Smash & Reload family

S&R Mini – Creating the ultimate FEC landmark

Experience the magic of a genuine dark ride in the most constrained space with S&R Mini. Featuring a modest footprint of around 144 square meters and a visually striking circular setup, this attraction is bound to become the magnet that will draw crowds to your indoor area. With a throughput exceeding 260 people per hour, S&R Mini not only delivers an immersive experience but also proves to be a lucrative investment, acting as a profit-generator. Coupled with merchandising opportunities tied to our established Intellectual Properties, you're guaranteed a swift and substantial return on investment, making S&R Mini the ideal addition to elevate your indoor entertainment space.

S&R Original – Bringing the dark ride where no other can

S&R Original brings a large ride to the most limited spaces. Its compact design doesn't compromise on the immersive experience, thanks to meticulously crafted decors and captivating media elements. The Original is designed in such a way that even if it only takes 225 square meters, the ride creates the illusion of three times the space. Boasting an impressive throughput of 430 people per hour, S&R Original emerges as an ideal attraction for regional parks. Moreover, its versatility allows parks to theme an entire area with charming Intellectual Properties (IPs), adding a personalized touch to the adventure.

S&R Maxi – Entertaining the many

Harnessing the proven gameplay and immersive experiences of its smaller counterparts, S&R Maxi takes your attraction to the next level with a robust throughput of 600 people per hour—making it the ultimate choice for medium-sized and larger parks. Embodying the distinctive choreographic finesse shared by all S&R attractions, this colossal ride elevates the player's experience to a symphonic level, treating each participant as if they were in a concert hall. What sets S&R Maxi apart is its unparalleled on-board sound solution, a unique feature in the market that further enhances the overall sensory journey. Immerse your audience in the grandeur of S&R Maxi for an unforgettable adventure.

Formats S&R.png

The Original version of the Smash & Reload is now open under the name of  “Champi’Folies” in theme and animal park Le Pal (France) with TooMush theming. The attraction swiftly gained acclaim, earning recognition as one of Europe's Best New Attractions in 2023 from both the European Star Awards and German Parkscout Plus Awards. Additionally, it was rewarded with the prestigious Brass Ring Award in the category of Best New Product 2023.

Choose your story

After a short pre-show, players are immediately launched into the ride with story and themed universe of TooMush, Voodoo Festival, or a Custom IP. All of these are based on an fun storyline and easy gameplay that engages the players and ensures replayablity. The different characters are enhanced with Artificial Intelligence technology. For example, their reaction can change based on certain instances, so they act differently and surprise even the most accustomed player.

TooMush – Freeze the Mushies

Mushies are adorable little mushrooms who live peacefully in their forest. They love to play and are very sweet but incredibly silly. They rapidly duplicate when they become stressed and run all over the place in pure panic. Your only chance to stop this fast multiplication is to freeze them in blocks of ice with a special cuber device, adding to the players high scoring. Contamination can turn them totally green and mean so be ware of these special versions, whilst the golden mushies can earn you extra points.

Voodoo Festival – Save the Mardi Gras festival

Mysterious magic brought voodoo dolls back to life. You are the last line of defense to save the Mardi Gras festival from their total takeover. Fling your Good Luck bags to break the curse and save the day! Additionally, a scarier version can operate during the later hours of the day to fit for a more adult oriented ride experience. The same theming applies but the voodoo dolls become more aggressive and intense…

Your Custom IP – From mascot to IP

Discover limitless creativity with a customized Intellectual Property (IP) for the ride. Picture a universe where every element aligns with your vision, allowing you to shape the narrative as you see fit. The best part? This personalized adventure is more affordable than you think. Unleash your imagination and transform your venue with a bespoke IP that captivates your audience. Our custom IPs include the Smurfs, the Daltons and Marsupilami, which are based on existing stories and characters, or we develop your own dedicated IP and universe.

Expand the ride experience

Enhance the S&R experience by seamlessly integrating it with our immersive AR Hybrid Quest, an interactive walkthrough that extends the adventure and deepens immersion in the IP universe. This dynamic combination transforms the attraction into a standalone experience, transitioning the queue line into a captivating pre-show.

Complete the ride experience with:

  • Theming design services

  • Queue lines and pre-show

  • Walkthrough experience

  • Merchandising programme & shop

  • Integration in the park area (master & technical planning)

Smash & Reload is a registered trademark and design of BoldMove Nation BV. All rights reserved.

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