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Double action & double fun

Experience the excitement of Smash & Reload! Our compact and interactive media dark ride combines a fun and immersive gameplay with smart ride system. It is based on a two-step intuitive action approach: to ‘smash’ and  ‘reload’. The high-energy Smash & Reload ride can be designed to repurpose an existing building or to establish a new attraction at a premium location with super high throughput. Equipped with a high-level sound system and exciting projection technologies, players enjoy a thrilling experience. From their rotatable vehicle they load the pointing device and then turn to play the game, an action repeated across four scenes during a 4-minute ride experience. The intuitive gameplay with fun storyline makes Smash & Reload the perfect choice for an indoor family ride, balancing the skills of all players.






Choose your size

Smash & Reload comes in two shapes: the’ Original XO’ with five vehicles and the ‘Compact XXS’ with three vehicles. All vehicles are fully synchronized in a smooth choreographic movement, which means they simultaneously turn and stop at each screen during loading and smashing. This creates more excitement during the ride for all players and optimizes the experience, avoiding sound pollution between the vehicles. Except for the reduced footprint, the ultra-compact ‘XXS’ features all the innovative and optimized characteristics of the larger ‘XO’ version which is now open under the name of  “Champi’Folies” in Le Pal (France) with TooMush theming.

Champi-Folies Ride.jpg

Choose your story

After a short pre-show, players are immediately launched into the ride and the themed universe of the TooMush, Dalton brothers, Marsupilami, or your own custom IP. All of these are based on an easy storyline and fun gameplay that engages the players and ensures replayablity. The different characters are enhanced with Artificial Intelligence technology. For example, their reaction can change based on certain instances so they act differently and surprise even the most accustomed player. This is a clear example of the next generation gaming capabilities where the ride itself becomes what we could qualify as being “alive”: nothing happens exactly the way it was expected to.

Smash & Reload is a registered trademark and design of BoldMove Nation BV. All rights reserved.

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