Dark Rides

Action-based & Themed

Dark Rides for Unlimited Fun

Based on years of expertise in designing and building dark rides around the world, BoldMove offers customized dark rides and a range of smart ride solutions. We understand how to excite and immerse players by combining the most suitable technologies with a fun gameplay and compelling story & IP. Park and venue owners can build our dark rides as a stand-alone version or integrate it in a themed park area or FEC, combined with other attractions.

Smash & Reload - the fun & double-action dark ride

Sing & Rise - the crazy & glorious karaoke ride

BoldMove's Smash & Reload is a compact and high-energy ride that will boost your venue with its eye-catching outside leaderboards and impressive light and sound technologies. Track-based vehicles take a party of up to six persons along an amazing light & sound show. 


The easy gameplay with double action (shoot & reload) makes this ride fun and accessible for all ages. The hilarious Mushies are 3D-animated characters which have been reformed into hideous creatures by industrial pollution. Upon 'smashing' players can help reshape them into their original cute format. Players are actively engaged into the story across four scenes, with high-score display at the end in the Hall of Fame. 


BoldMove's Sing & Rise karaoke ride welcomes players in vehicles shaped as mini stages and equipped with impressive microphones. Each team is taken along a challenging and fun path of glory, improving their singing skills through coaching and a proven voice recognition technology. They climb the steps of success from a garage repetition all the way up to a Eurovision song concert hall, with an overwhelming stage and wildly enthousiast audience.


Sing along with your favourite group, get coached, get better and go crazy!  It's showtime!


This interactive dark ride can be installed on a small footprint of 144sqm for XXS and 225sqm for the Original, offering a stunning throughput of 360 people per hour. The smart and centralized technology unit makes it an efficient attraction with easy maintenance. The show control and anti-collision protection with UPS ensure a smooth and safe ride, allowing visitors to enjoy the gameplay and ambiance.

BoldMove designs and produces customized dark rides to fit each venue, building and visitor profile. We define the most suitable technologies, IP and theming for a fully immersive and fun experience, with special effects, themed vehicles, impressive AV and magical decors. All orchestrated by the most advanced show control technologies for smooth operations.

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Customized Rides

Smash & Reload
  • Compact & high-capacity fun
    dark ride 

  • Track-based 6-person vehicles

  • Double-action & easy gameplay for all ages

  • Eye-catching: highly visible to spectators through outside leaderboard 

  • Amazing light design, sound & show technology 

  • Easy installation, operation and maintenance

  • Competitively priced

Gameplay & Media
  • TooMush IP development with 
    partner Polymorph.

  • Interactive gameplay & media for Smash & Reload dark ride.

  • Mushroom characters deformed by industrial pollution.

  • Easy, likable and identifiable characters.

Sing & Rise 
  • Proven gameplay similar to “Guitar Hero”

  • Vehicles shaped as “mini stages” (2x3 players) with microphones

  • Seats shaped as stools with “backer” restraint 

  • High-score ranking in Hall of Fame

  • The ‘jury’ can be CGI characters or pre-recorded

  • Fun & challenging path to glory in six steps 

  • Sing along with your favorite group, get coached, get better and go crazy!