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Combining the best of dark rides and coasters

The new Spinfinity Coaster offers a cross-generational experience, positioned perfectly between kiddy rides and intense thrill coasters. This innovative attraction naturally extends from BoldMove's expertise in dark rides, renowned for high-quality theming in immersive 360-degree universes. The Spinfinity Coaster is the result of a close collaboration between the creative ride experts at BoldMove and the technical engineers at E&S Rides. Together, they have meticulously balanced track layout, movements, media, and theming to achieve the ideal level of sophistication. The Spinfinity Coaster seamlessly blends the immersive experience of a themed dark ride with the thrilling dynamics of a coaster.

Spinfinity_FarWest Theming.png
Cutting-edge engineering

Based on BoldMove's creative ride concepts, the E&S team manages all technical and engineering aspects of the Spinfinity Coaster. This seasoned team brings over 10 years of ride engineering expertise, having worked on projects for Compagnie des Alpes, Looping Group. Partnering with top European manufacturers, E&S ensures the highest attention to detail and safety. Their innovative approach has even been nominated for product innovation.

Compact and efficient design

The Spinfinity Coaster's compact and dense design allows for easy integration into existing park areas or empty buildings. Its efficiently designed structure minimizes the need for extensive infrastructural work, enabling fast and smooth construction. Operational and maintenance needs are kept to an absolute minimum to avoid downtime, ensuring it can entertain over 500 visitors per hour during peak season. This family-friendly attraction easily accommodates groups of family members or friends, enhancing the shared experience.

Themed to the teeth

Spinfinity Coaster features smartly themed vehicles where riders face each other, fully sharing the experience in real-time. Riders will enjoy a unique blend of coaster thrills with boomerang and shuttle movements, combined with an indoor themed media experience featuring multiple scenarios. This encourages repeat visits, as each ride offers a different and surprising experience. The adventure begins with a beautifully themed outdoor area and loading station, making the wait enjoyable and building anticipation.

Thrilled to the bone

Visitors will be thrilled throughout the entire ride, experiencing twists, spins, turns, and stunning media projections. Vehicles come to life with special hologram projections, and special effects are perfectly aligned with the thrill experience from start to finish. The extensive theming starts at the loading station and continues throughout the ride, ensuring full immersion in the story. BoldMove's creative team can develop bespoke themes for outdoor areas, vehicles, and indoor media content to suit each venue and visitor preferences. The ride is also ideal for accommodating a preshow and a merchandising shop.

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