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Accessing Technologies


BoldMove combines a close connection with the research and academic world with a permanent technology watch on the market. This enables us to better understand emerging technologies such as VR, AR, MR, Multi Agent technologies or Artificial Intelligence. And even more important, how these new technologies can be applied in a smart and practical way to enhance visitor experiences.


BoldMove brings two decades of experience in the field of media-based and interactive attractions. This expertise is invaluable when designing an interactive ride or when adding interactivity to another attraction such as roller coasters, rapid rivers and slides, theatres, etc...

Accessing Technologies




Building Teams


Contrary to the “steel” attractions, media-based attractions are more complicated to implement. They require a large variety of skills and often need to be amended from the original version to suit your venue and visitors.


BoldMove takes an 'architect' approach to the ride building process, deploying a detailed plan. We start with an assessment of your current situation and look at your objectives and needs. Hereby we take into account your park theming, type of visitors and demographic specifications, available space, current programming, etc. 


After this process is completed, we will assist you in identifying and assembling the expert team to create your dream: media vendor, IP developer/owner, ride vendor, technology suppliers, theming & décor companies, project managers. These are sourced from our own specialist partner network, from your own suppliers or through pitching procurements.


And we take it even a step further, we can complement your internal team or even provide creative PR & marketing advice to raise visibility across media channels: from construction upon opening of the attraction.

Coaching Clients

Getting through the very details of each and every offer, understanding the consequences of every choice is tough. Budget can vary and sometimes it is hard to understand the reasons for certain variations and assess the eventual impact or return on investment.


BoldMove is by your side to identify, question, check and make sure that what you get is the very best from both technological and budget point of view. Our team monitors the budget throughout the entire building cycle, upon finishing and beyond. 

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Special topic: Ride-Repowering


Sometimes the best ideas do not deliver the expected results!

You may have an older attraction that is still in solid shape yet could benefit from an upgrade to give it a new lifecycle through new technologies. Rapid rivers, family coasters, swimming pools are all solid constructions which have the potential to become evergreens in the park. This however requires a new angle to appeal to the younger, more tech savvy generation.