• Super-compact & high capacity thrill dark ride

  • Action- based gameplay: competing teams fight for highest scores

  • Double action: first shoot & then reload! 

  • Highly visible to spectators through giant outside leaderboards

  • Adaptable media and content

  • Trackless or track-based vehicles

  • Too Mush IP or customized characters & gameplay

  • Fun & challenging path to glory in six steps 

  • Sing along with your favorite group, get coached, get better and go crazy !

  • Proven gameplay similar to “Guitar Hero”

  • Vehicles shaped as “mini stages” with microphones

  • Seats shaped as stools with a “backer” restraint system

Interactive Augmented Adventure

  • Maximize existing space and infrastructure

  • Manage crowds & increase social visibility

  • Affordable and easy to install

  • Intuitive gameplay via app on guest devices

  • Find & scan physical markers

  • Enter virtual world via portal

  • AR markers launch duel and challenge 


Indoor Family Entertainment Park

  • Cooperation with Média Participations and 

  • Immersive universe shapedaround the popular
    Marsupilami character.

  • Designed for Attraction Parks, FECs,Commercial & Leisure Centers as well 
    as Zoo’s.

  • Attraction mix targetting 
    families with children aged 5-14.

  • Limited area and budget, 
    easy maintenance.

  • Choice between indoor & hybrid format.

  • ‘Next level’ entertainment with innovative, proven technologies!