To us, the story and visitor experience drive the technology and not the other way around. We create an immersive experience with a pragmatic and cost-efficient mind. We start by listening to your needs and expectations, researching venue and visitor profiles, and then develop a detailed briefing.

Our team develops the ride or attraction from concept design, IP & storytelling, media and technologies up to final delivery. We are committed to ensuring budgets and schedules are respected, managing all design & production processes. Each master plan is supported by creative design techniques, advanced & proven technologies, and comprehensive production services. We apply a successful collaborative approach between seasoned BoldMove experts and trusted suppliers, complementing and reinforcing your own team and resources.


​Creative concepts and experience design, media & ride storyboarding, media scene animation, game schematics, ride & track layout, vehicle & prop design, integrated storytelling, IP integration and theming, character design and animation, interactive device & control, scenery production drawings, onboard control & audio design, light & video design, 3D animation of ride and animatronics with control interfaces, show control & media technology specifications, master & technical planning, overall art direction.


Technical specifications and briefings, coordination and management of all vendors and suppliers, project planning, management and reporting, alignment with site architects and direction of technical teams, on-site supervision during construction, art direction, safety certifications, feasibility studies and budget management, visitor flow management, team casting, operator training, merchandising programmes, marketing & PR campaigns, award submissions.