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Call for Community Members: join BoldMove in Creating Happier Worlds!

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Reactions and interest in the start of this new company - in the midst of an unseen, worldwide Covid-19 pandemic crisis - has been overwhelming.  

Thanks ❤️everyone for supporting us in this 'Bold Move' !!

The world of entertainment is not new to the BoldMove team, who have built their impressive industry expertise and network at Alterface - founding and running the company, and building its reputation to an absolute peak. What a strong foundation to grow a new, agile and innovative business, merging creativity with technology. We feel especially blessed with an unsurpassed network of high-level expert partners across the globe, all very eager to get started.

Whilst parks and leisure centres are re-opening and finding their way around this new world of safety and social distancing, BoldMove has been moving full steam ahead. Preparations and presentations, talking to people, exchanging ideas, building concepts, putting proposals together,... High expectations and pressure, but also high hopes and happy people!

With all this comes a clear mission, which we proudly present to you now: Creating Happier Worlds! 

Safe and clean worlds, yes, but also happy ones. We want to make sure that park and leisure centre visitors forget their worries for a day and are immersed into a world of magic and phantasy. Enjoying time with their beloved family and friends, having fun and building unforgettable memories to take home and cherish. To achieve this we want to mix the best creative ideas and concepts with the most advanced technologies.

That's what BoldMove is all about and we hope you will become part of our community and help us fulfil this mission! We need your creative ideas and expertise, your enthusiasm and passion, your engagement and dedication to build the finest and most exciting attractions. Together we can elevate parks and leisure venues to a new digital era with more fun and joy for everyone!

Are you a theme park or leisure venue owner or operator, park or ride designer, master planner, technology developer or vendor, strategist, journalist,... join our community on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and follow us, share, like and interact!

Together we are so much stronger and can weather all challenges, turning this crisis into a true opportunity for our industry!

Contact us for a Digital BCC - BoldMove Coffee Chat - and discuss how we can build great attractions to get visitors back to the parks and entertain them! 

Speak soon!

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