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A Bold Move... By your Side, without Compromise!

Updated: May 1, 2020

Every single day our lives seem to be almost entirely in the grip of this Covid-19 "thing". We all know people who got infected, maybe you even went through this misery yourself .... And everyday we are literally "assaulted" by mails wishing us well, or companies pretending to be 100% active, with smily faces behind computer screens...  We all need hope and perspective, that is for sure! But more importantly, it's the reality of the situation that has to drive us. As members of the entertainment community we want to help customers get visitors back to their theme parks and leisure venues. Social distancing and safety measures will be applied to enable re-openings, however if parks will only operate at say 50% of their capacity, it is hard to predict perfectly blue skies. It might not sound like an "all is well" first message but it is a realistic one, and the kind you deserve. As suppliers, we cannot solve all your problems, despite what some may claim. We all know that there are no magic recipes to get out of this crisis, despite some leader's blunt and unfounded statements. However we can help you address the challenges and grasp the opportunities at hand. We can support you in managing the aftermath of the situation.  So here are some suggestions on how we can help you prepare for a new reality and give fun back to your guests:  · We can propose creative Marketing & PR solutions to get the “locals” head back to your park  · You are in a dire need of keeping the budget down on an ongoing (media) project, or want to upgrade an existing one with digital features? Then we can show you how to avoid unnecessary expenses while keeping the guests happy! · If, and it might be the voice of reason speaking again, you have to cancel or postpone a big media-based project, we can either propose more affordable alternatives or work with limited expenditures of what the future project could be like. We know a lot of excellent suppliers, and with our dedicated expert team we can help you without compromising on quality and fun! There are certainly better moments to get a business started, but you should know that my team and I can help you develop the winning concept, select the mix of technologies & vendors and be by your side all the way up to the opening and long after! Hope to see you or hear from you soon, all healthy, cheering and forward looking. And don't forget: our place is next to you, whatever it takes! Our industry is second to none so let's bring those smiles back again 🙂 Truly yours, Ben and BoldMove team

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