Anja D'Hondt

Queen of Happy Hearts

Following studies in Public Relations and Communication Sciences, Anja started her career in marketing communication at the international graphic arts tech company Scitex, as a colleague to Benoit Cornet. She moved to Marketing Communication Management for Brady Corporation, building a team of marketing experts across Europe. 

In 1999 Anja founded duomedia and grew it with her husband into a B2B PR agency with an international network of consultants. The team built strategies and reputations for tech start-ups and corporates like Kodak, Ricoh, HP, Bekaert, Pentax, and many others. Anja and Jo’s innovative view on technology and partnerships grew the agency towards a leading market position. They started out with fax and copier, transferring the agency at the peak of its success just upon entering the social media era.

Anja enjoys life at the seaside with her family, looking over the harbour from her home office or watching the busy summer beaches from a silent sea. 

In 2016 Flower and Feet saw the light of day, empowering clients to find their brand voice and build smart strategies. Supported by a global network of experts, Anja kicked into the entertainment market with Alterface as it’s first client. Together with Benoit Cornet, she built a strong reputation for the company. Successful press launches of interactive rides Bazyliszek and Popcorn Revenge were orchestrated in close cooperation with the respective parks in Poland and Belgium, mobilizing international trade press and fan communities. The elaborate coverage helped obtain a series of industry awards, and an overwhelming recognition for the company. Also client Painting with Light acquired a stronger position in the entertainment market through its PR-cooperation.

Anja supports BoldMove with a bold market entry during Corona times, and the further deployment of its solutions through a smart and agile marketing approach. 

Benoit 'Ben' Cornet

Captain of Creative
Minds & CEO

BoldMove Corporation Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Benoit “Ben” Cornet is a seasoned professional in the attraction industry. After starting his career as a financial analyst at a leading mass consumer goods company, Benoit evolved to a more “creative” career by using creative techniques in analysing competitor’s strategies, strengths and weaknesses. After completing this first experience, Ben went to the printing industry, applying creative marketing concepts to turn the after sales department into a profitable business unit.

In 2001 Benoit founded Alterface with two partners, mostly active in the museum industry. He quickly grew the company into a major player in the exciting world of media-based interactive attractions. His mission was to enhance visitor experiences through innovative and digital technologies, creating a competitive edge for the industry. With Alterface he invented the first interactive theatre, the interactive rotating theatre and just recently the innovative non-linear Erratic Ride, firstly applied in the multiple awarded Popcorn Revenge ride in Walibi Belgium. Together with his team he developed and implemented hundreds of interactive rides in reputed parks, allowing many visitors to enjoy the ride with their families. He initiated with Alterface a two-year programme with a Belgian University researching Augmented Reality for attractions in theme parks.

In 2019, Benoit was listed in Blooloop’s Top 50 industry influencers as a recognition for his creative contribution to the industry, amongst other industry leaders of Disney and Universal. He has been a dedicated and active TEA Board Member since many years, driving the Themed Entertainment industry in its growth towards professionalism and the next digital level. 

French-native with fluent English and Dutch, Benoit learned the Chinese language to better understand the culture and work closer together with customers and partners on the Asian continent. He enjoys sailing his Propaganda3 and crossed the Atlantic Ocean during the 2019 Transquadra from Bretagne in France to Martinique, amongst many other sailing challenges.

With BoldMove, Benoit wants to unite the best industry competencies, applying the latest technologies, to create and build exciting visitor experiences. 

You can check out his references here.

Didier Van Weyenberge

Guardian of Happy Relations

Didier has a Degree in Slavic Languages, allowing him to fluently converse in Russian, Polish and Czech, alongside his Dutch mother tongue, and of course English, German and French. ‘Never wanting to stop learning’, he also obtained several degrees in Business Economics, Intercultural Management and Professional Coaching. He put the theory into practice, broadening his perspective during projects in Russia, Poland and the Czech Republic.  

With his Polish wife he lives in the Eastern part of Belgium, enjoying all good things life can offer.  

A large part of his expertise has been built across the hospitality and leisure industry, in operational, commercial and general management roles. Didier is passionate about service management, as meeting and exceeding customer expectations gives him a boost of energy. And where else than in the hospitality and leisure industry can you enjoy stimulating reactions and excitements of guests? 

For Kinepolis Group, Didier managed the biggest cinema complex in Europe, located in Poznan, Poland.  In Belgium he was ultimately responsible for the operational management of all Belgian Kinepolis cinema theatres, leading challenging and transitional processes like the introduction of numbered seating and establishing new food & beverage and merchandising models.  

At Plopsa Group, Didier was responsible for the operational management of five theme parks in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. He developed a new organisational model for the outdoor parks and introduced a new staff planning model, as well as a programme for disabled guests.  As Park Director of Comics Station Antwerp, an indoor theme park in Belgium, he led a drastic restructuring, whilst setting up partner programs for increase of attendance and rolling out a complete rebranding.

Since January 2019 Didier is Consultant and Coach for the hospitality and leisure industry, offering strategic and operational advice. Didier joins Benoit and the BoldMove Nation team to Create Happier Worlds with the partner members across Eastern and Central Europe.