BoldMove Newsletter - February 2021

Will the pandemic disappear “next year”? In our multi-cultural environment we tend to see next year as a different moment. A month has elapsed since we started 2021, our Japanese friends just celebrated the end of the winter and our Chinese friends will soon be welcoming the “Year of the Ox”. 

Anja D’Hondt joins BoldMove as Managing Partner 

Emphasizing the importance of a multi-task force in the industry, Anja D’Hondt and Benoit Cornet are sealing their current cooperation in the newly formed  “Boldmove Nation”. Anja’s natural talents, expertise and network will play a major role to unify expert partners and build a strong structure and reputation. This alliance underlines the BoldMove’s commitment to collaboration, creativity and innovation with a strong customer focus and industry engagement. 

As we just love iconic and stylish things with character, we looked for a matching office. We believe working in remarkable and creative environments makes you do remarkable things. Fosbury & Sons ticked all the boxes!

According to a Chinese expression “The year of the ox and the horse are good for farming”, which means those are years to seed and invest for future success. In this newsletter, we want to share how we strengthen BoldMove Nation with a new structure and offices, and how we continue to invest in a broader range of future-prone attractions and a wider choice of IP’s.

Shall we start seeding your future success?

As CEO and Captain of Creative Minds, Benoit fires up the commercial and creative side, whilst Anja engages the community as Queen of Happy Hearts and Managing Partner.

New Brussels Office

The office building in Boitsfort, Brussels, is a modernist masterpiece carefully transformed into a flexible, creative and fun working space, rooted in one of Brussels' most iconic buildings. The interior feels like "a seventies James Bond landing in Japan in 2021”. How could we resist this?  We look forward to welcoming you soon, you won't regret it !

A great example of what BoldMove can accomplish with its partners is Houba World, recently launched and successfully merging creativity, IP and technology. The team created in  cooperation with License Owner Mediatoon an all-family indoor park. 

Challenging adventures at Houba World

We'd like to zoom in on a few of our very own 'touches':  
With Marsupilami's Incredible Supply Chase, BoldMove puts the Smash & Reload compact dark ride at the beating heart of Houba World. Players can enjoy from their vehicle a dynamic hand-gesture gameplay in a dazzling temple decor that blends totally in the exotic world of the Marsupilami. 

Egg Hunt is the Marsupilami version of the Augmented Reality scavenger quest developed by BoldMove. Players use their personal devices to search for the Eggs and bring them safely to the Nest.

Guided from one attraction to another, physical spaces are optimized and enhanced with digital challenges. No complex story, no heavy set-up, but an attraction that can be instantly activated with promotional benefits and extension across the social network.

Houba World makes people dream and immerse them into the exotic world of the Marsupilami family. Climbing the rocks and nest, exploring the temple and riverside with VR tracks, visiting the 4D cinema and many other thrill experiences. All gameplays and attractions are easy to understand for young and old so everyone can enjoy an afternoon in the Houba Forest as part of the friendly Marsupilami family. Ideal to attract and retain visitors at theme parks, FECs, Zoo's, leisure and retail venues. 

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