BoldMove Newsletter - December 2020


It is an understatement to claim that this elapsed year wasn't the best one for Location Based entertainment. But this apparent standstill gave us the opportunity to gear up and come with some future oriented solutions and products such as our Smash & Reload, Sing & Rise or AR Quests. We've also been designing engaging dark rides for the "after" world: interactive or not, media-based or not. And now we assembled the best of our resources and skills into a "little" Christmas surprise:  Houba World, Marsupilami's Great Adventures!

Stay safe, enjoy the time with your family and let's make sure the Christmas magic happens, remotely or in bubbles... Count on us to bring fun for the years to come !

New Indoor Family Entertainment Park

Houba World, Marsupilami’s great adventures, has been developed in close cooperation with the creative team of Mediatoon Licensing. As part of the French and Belgian Média Participations Group, Mediatoon Licensing manages the IP of many famous cartoon characters. BoldMove selected the Marsupilami family to develop an amazing concept for an immersive indoor entertainment center, including a range of media-based attractions and innovative technologies.

Read the full news release here in English, French or German.

Based on a detailed master plan spanning 3,000 square meters, the park features a BoldMove Smash & Reload dark ride with adjusted gameplay and suitable temple theming. In a fitting and impressive decor of a tropical forest with riverside, temples and rock formations, 15 attractions can be situated alongside a themed restaurant and a vast retail area with merchandising items. 


Jerome Leclercq, CEO at Mediatoon Licensing: “It is an exciting journey to develop such a high-level park featuring our beloved Marsupilami family. The IP is already a great success in merchandising with 50 partners and more than 500 products, and a new CG animated series in development. The BoldMove team captured the spirit of our IP into a well-balanced mix of attractions with suitable technologies to enrich visitor experiences."


Houba World can be built adjacent to an existing location like a shopping mall, cinema or FEC. But it can also be easily integrated into a destination park, regional park or zoo to attract visitors on rainy days. The mix of attractions perfectly allows for a hybrid indoor/outdoor approach and obviously adds great flexibility and scalability. 


BoldMove CEO Benoit Cornet: "The likeability of the Marsupilami, the abundance of merchandising combined with the forward thinking of the IP owner make this concept a safe and profitable choice. This new Houba World consolidates BoldMove’s expertise into an immersive experience across the magical Marsupilami world. We strongly believe creating and building such happy worlds will be a fun experience for all involved!"

Stay safe, think of the future and... let's talk soon!

Benoit, Fabrice, Didier, Michel & Anja

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