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Engaging Media & Technologies for Themed Rides & Attractions

We offer a broad range of innovative yet proven technologies like Augmented, Mixed & Virtual Reality to fit the branded environment. Hand-gesture, shooting or control-based interactivity combined with show control and vehicle management create an engaging and immersive experience. Light, AV, video and sound experts bring special decors and environments alive with special techniques like projection mapping, pepper ghosting, and much more.


Engaging media content and characters can be developed upon demand to match the ride dynamics and themes. Or we can choose from a wide range of 3D-animated characters featuring ecological topics, cupcake races, pizza deliveries and supply chasing up to piranha fishing and jungle escapes. With our storytelling specialists we make sure the media fits each experience and attraction.

Virtual Reality
  • Enhancing user experiences

  • Combining physical sensations with virtual challenges

  • Highly immersive

  • Customizable IP & theming

  • Compact and easy to implement

  • Applications: VR Maze, VR Escape Room, VR Raft, VR Carting

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Augmented Reality
  • Maximizing space & visitor flows

  • Combining physical targets with virtual gaming

  • Data capture, social media extension

  • Photobooth integration

  • Customizable IP & theming

  • Applications: AR Quest, Magic Drawing, Let's Dance,

  • Long-standing expertise in interactivity

  • Shooting devices, hand gesture and console-based

  • Show control management

  • Vehicle and technology integration

  • IP & theming synchronization

  • Applications: Smash & Reload, Sing & Rise

AV, Media & Light
  • Pepper ghosting

  • Projection mapping

  • Dome projections

  • Light and video design

  • Media & content

  • Animations