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Engaging stories & media

We can work around an existing IP like a park or brand mascot, comic strip or animation movie characters or you can choose to create a customized IP. Either way, we apply our integrating storytelling techniques and expertise to engage visitors in the ride and attraction. A storyboard and strategy drive the overall theming across the ride or attraction area, building a consistent and immersive world around its characters. All ride scenes, gameplay and media content are pivoting micro stories to reinforce the storyline and visitor (brand) experience.

Toomush IP

BoldMove and expert partner Polymorph develop the hilarious TooMush IP and related gameplay for the Smash & Reload interactive dark ride. This IP features mushroom characters which have been deformed by severe industrial pollution. By shooting the zombie-like mushrooms, players transform them back into their original and cute shape. The likable and universal 'Mushies' are 3D-animated characters with specific personalities, adding a special touch of humour to the ride story and scenery. The TooMush IP is also suitable for transmedia applications in other rides and attractions.

Copyright © TooMush 2022 Polymorph/BoldMove Nation

Marsupilami IP

The BoldMove creative team has been working closely together with License Owner Mediatoon to integrate its media attractions into Houba World. This immersive universe is shaped around the great adventures of the popular Marsupilami family, living in the Palombian jungle amongst exotic animals and vegetation. Visitors help the Marsupilami catch fish from a VR river raft, chase supplies in a dark ride, climb interactive rocks, swirl and swing in fun attractions, escape from and race against wild animals, and so much more. This all-family entertainment centre hosts also an extensive retail area, redemption zone and themed Food & Beverage.


Copyright © Marsipulami 2021 Dargaud-Lombard SA

Dalton IP

BoldMove developed a gameplay around the four Dalton brothers for its interactive Smash & Reload dark ride, in cooperation with Mediatoon's creative team. A crazy and fun family ride to stop them from escaping, capture them and put them back in jail. All of this with the help of Rantanplan, the stupid charming dog of Lucky Luke, who is on holiday... So players need to hurry up before he gets back to town!


Copyright © Belvision / Dargaud - Lombard / Dupuis Édition & Audiovisuel Les Dalton © 2010 Xilam Animation - Dargaud Media - Lucky Comics © Mediatoon 2022


Offering merchandise can be a valuable addition to your business model, providing benefits in terms of branding, revenue, marketing, and guest experience. Your guests will gladly take a souvenir home from the fun attractions they enjoyed with their favorite characters. Our experts help you create or select the most suitable items, advising on operational and marketing side to deploy a successful merchandising programme.

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