BoldMove Newsletter - March 2021


A Strong Spring Together!


At BoldMove we believe in the power of partnerships, which has been the very essence of our approach from the start. In this newsletter we celebrate three alliances that we truly believe will make our common world happier. Production and commercial partnership, creative and cross-segment agreements, industrial collaborations... we want to be at the very center of innovation in our industry to provide our clients with even better solutions.


March marks the arrival of Spring in anticipation of happier and sunnier days, so we keep paving our way towards them, stone by stone and hand in hand, stronger and bolder together!


Smash & Reload powered by Triotech

unique blend of fun gameplay and multi-sensory experiences  


We are really pleased to announce that we have finalized the last details in our cooperation with Triotech for the production of our “Smash & Reload” dark ride. We always admired our ex-competitor for their incredible care of ride dynamics. The superior sound system, forceful feedback and engaging ride action are part of their signature. By merging this know-how with the multiple-degree humor and broad reach of our media creation, we can combine the best of both worlds. 

Triotech will deploy its worldwide network to distribute and support this dazzling product and we will focus on producing the most hilarious content, using our best creative and technical capabilities. We are thrilled to step into such a great adventure together!

bannerS&R_white copy.png

At a time that self-driving cars are hitting the roads, we felt our industry is lagging behind with choices of vehicles being limited to track or wire-based dark ride “cars". BoldMove Nation now partners up with Rogue Rides to bring the most innovative vehicles for dark rides to the market. Founded by industry veterans, Rogue Rides is bringing a fresh approach, taking the visitor experience as a starting point. Hassle-free installation and integration, reliable vehicles with easy maintenance and smooth upgrades so each ride can evolve and synchronize with new technology developments. Choose from a wide range of vehicle types to fit each type of ride. Contact Steve for more information or a quotation on

Find out more here:

A new dawn in dark ride history: Rogue Rides!

With the Sing & Ride karaoke ride, we showed our interest in developing new forms of entertainment across different countries and cultures. We found a very capable partner in Avecs, based in the famous and cool Gangnam area of Seoul.

Broadening horizons with Avecs

BoldMove and Avecs will be combining their expertise in Branded and Location-Based Entertainment to turn their client’s imagination into reality.The cooperation encompasses solutions in Branded Entertainment Family Centers (BFEC) and Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) on the Korean and Vietnamese markets. The collaboration will also comprise non-traditional themed entertainment projects like museum, event, concert and gala. 

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