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Current times have shown how important it is to offer flexible solutions that address short-term needs quickly, yet with a long lifespan and high return. BoldMove therefore deploys an innovative and efficient way of working: affordable and compact fun attractions built by our fierce BoldMove Nation expert network.  

We inspire customized rides based on proven concepts, we create unique attractions, or we enhance existing rides and spaces with new technologies...  whatever it takes to obtain the most exhilarating visitor experiences and elevate your venue to become a happier world!

Welcome to BoldMove and we look forward to speaking or mailing soon!


With fun and creative regards,

Benoit "Ben" Cornet

New website: BoldMove reveals future and crisis-proof solutions

Launched in April 2020, BoldMove can bow on 20+ years of industry expertise with over a hundred interactive attractions installed across the world. Founder Benoit Cornet is an active TEA Board Member and was the driving force behind many awarded (dark) rides. He now brings the finest industry players together to address today's market requirements, combining creative ideas with the most advanced technologies. "We truly take your interests to heart by aiming for the highest level of visitor satisfaction with the perfect attraction to fit your venue." 

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Smash & Reload thrilling dark rides for more fun and
higher ROI

Smash & Reload is an ultra-compact ride that builds on proven gameplays, yet offering a totally new and special experience. It combines the energy and efficiency of a dark ride, within a clever technical and financial construction. Available in either a super compact version (less than 150sqM footprint), a larger standard setup or even a more "expanded" model, it delivers an amazing throughput of up to 400 persons per hour. This ride perfectly answers the needs of FEC's and park operators alike, combining a stunning payout with an exceptional fun experience.

Delivered with the new hilarious “TooMush” IP or featuring customized content, Smash & Reload's easy and dynamic gameplay makes this interactive ride suitable for every age, to enjoy with friends or family.

Vue02 (2).jpg
Vue01 (1).jpg

Smash & Reload is the first dark ride that guests can enjoy from the outside by real-time leaderboards and direct view on the playing crowds in full action. So the fun starts at the entrance and can be further extended through the high score board and merchandising.

We tailor your unique attraction!

As we are vendor-independant, we can advice you in a neutral way on which ride fits your venue and audience, and which technology is most suitable to enhance the experience. Our expert team and partner network can undertake any project, whatever its complexity and size. We can craft a totally new experience, upgrade an existing attraction or space with new technologies, keeping visitors challenged and excited. Our team handles creative concept and design up to a hassle-free installation for a sustainable and unique attraction.


Contact us for a personal zoom and find out how we build your unique ride.

Didier Van Weyenberge joins the expanding BoldMove team to support Central & Eastern European markets. He brings a wealth of operational management and customer service skills. Didier previously managed cinema theatres in Poland and Belgium, as well as theme parks across Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.

His passion for Central and Eastern Europe surfaced early on, which is why he studied Slavic languages and has studied and worked across Russia, Poland and the Czech Republic. The love is firmly secured through his marriage with his Polish wife.

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