Code of Honor for Creating Happier Worlds 

To be successful together, the BoldMove Nation members adhere to following principles and values:

  • We are at the side of our customers:  we listen to them and provide the most fitting solution to their needs.

  • We think and act long-term, we want customers and partners to be successful, today and tomorrow. 

  • As a team we reinforce and complement each other. We prioritise BoldMove Nation members but if a project calls for another solution this is openly and constructively discussed.

  • We do not enter in competition against each other, nor poach anyone’s customers, employees or projects. The customer interest is guiding us.

  • We do not oversell or overpromise, our ambition is to create a long-lasting relationship, based on confidence, friendship and trust.

  • We focus on sustainable business and personal relations, not on quick wins. Together we build a reputation for BoldMove Nation, and everyone’s individual brand.


BoldMove enjoys a strong network of trustworthy partners with outstanding market, creative and technology expertise. Together we cover every field of the entertainment industry, from attraction design to interactive technology, from ride engineering to projection, from light & video design to theming, from storytelling to crowd management, from media content to IP development, from project management and consulting to PR & marketing services. 

We bring together the finest players in the market to team up with you and create the most exhilarating visitor experience!