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AR Hybrid Quest is a mixed reality game taking place in a dedicated or themed area, which is entered via a virtual gate at a physical location and finishes in a themed treasure room. Inbetween, guests are guided to different physical places (‘stations’) with virtual assignments. Besides an engaging and superfun way to discover the park, this interactive treasure hunt offers a lot of opportunities for promotional and loyalty programs, and helps to optimize visitor flows and existing infrastructure.

The entire AR Hybrid Quest is done on the visitor’s own smartphone, thus spreading people across the park or venue and optimizing the space. There are therefore no specific devices to distribute, track, clean and maintain, making it a totally worry-free solution. The gameplay is very intuitive and invites visitors to improve scoring, whilst the park’s intervention is limited to laying out the path, or adjusting it to the times of day.

BoldMove can undertake the entire deployment of the game and attraction setting: from building the stories, implementing the scenes and tools, up to mapping the stations and marking the park areas. The AR Hybrid Quest can be customized to IPs or themes like cowboys, pirates, dinosaurs or spacemen, with an extra seasonal dimension or adjusted for corporate teambuilding and private events like anniversaries. Players can share their scoring and pictures via social media, whilst park owners can capture data and guide visitors to shops or other facilities.





AR Hybrid Quest is defined as a “phygital” attraction, being a mix of activities which take place in ‘Physical’ spaces (park, shopping mall or any other venue) and ‘Digital’ actions on the internet, social networks or proprietary websites.

The great benefit of the AR Hybrid Quest is that it forges a connection between the park community managers and the visitors, creating a channel to communicate news, special promotions and loyalty programs or other activities. Furthermore, the webmaster of the park can link the AR Hybrid Quest in the park to the website and publish all sorts of prequels and sequels as well as teasers and hints to motivate visitors to play.

The story and experience happen via the website, via the social networks, via the application and finally on-site! A jump into the modern age of communication, and even one step ahead!




  1. Flexible, easy way to spread and balance traffic

  2. Enhances existing infrastructure

  3. Increases time spent on-site and in park sales

  4. Provides external & digital visibility

  5. Affordable and easy to deploy

  6. Improves operational efficiency

  7. Creates emotional bond with park characters and IP

  8. Customizable content to suit special occasions

  9. Community management & communication

  10. Can be played individually or in squads

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